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New panel add on – this is the last wall used on the battle station.

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We hit 1000 followers on Instagram!!! we feel pretty good about that. we love making great parts, and we love to see that pictures that come out of it. THANK YOU ALL !!!!!!  


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Yes ,We ship internationally


The party is not over but is on hold…… we sold out of our first batch or spacewalls sets – so THANK YOU!! We are still taking orders and will start shipping again on January 21st.

The Fwoosh Review Review

Review of Spaces Walls – Star Wars 1/12th scale diorama GTP Toys Date Published: 2015-12-04 Written By: Michael Crawford Overall Average Rating: 3.5 out of 4

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The troopers are getting ready for Christmas, are you? Make sure to order your spacewalls in time.


Build your own BATTLESTATION NEW Spacewalls for your Star Wars 6 inch black series action figures. 9pc deluxe set AVAILABLE NOW !!  $95.00   ADD THIS TO YOUR AMAZON WISH LIST